Freedom of Information Request

Letter Closed
on 22 October 2018

Well documented corruption unpins the failed system for the distribution of medicines in PNG. What are international agencies that support the health sector doing in response? Is the issue even on their radar?

Through a trusted source, PNGi has placed two Freedom of Information requests with the Australian government to try and find out how Papua New Guinea’s largest aid donor is responding to the corruption that underpins the failure in health service delivery.



Update: 20 November 2018

A second response from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade saying the request has been declined as the amount of material captured is more than 1,000 pages and reviewing it all ‘would substantially and unreasonably divert the resources of DFAT from its other operations’. 

In accordance with DFAT’s recommendation the scope of the FOI request has therefore been revised.

Update: 25 October 2018

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has replied:

“Searches are now being undertaken in relevant areas of the Department for documents relevant to your request.  We will contact you again once the searches have been completed”.

Update: 22 October 2018

Letter closed

Request 1: Any reports relating to investigations, assessments or audits conducted into Australian aid expenditure on health programmes in Papua New Guinea composed between 2009-2018. This would include any investigations, assessments or audits conducted by the Australian government or a third party contracted by the Australian government designed in part to detect fraud, abuse, corruption, or other forms of malfeasance with respect to Australian aid funds spent on health related activities in Papua New Guinea, whether spent directly, or indirectly through a third party such as the PNG National Department of Health, Gavi, the Global Fund, UNICEF or other providers of health services or any multilateral development partners such as the World Bank or Asian Development Bank.    

Request 2: Correspondence between the Australian Government and the Papua New Guinea Government between 2011-2018 specifically relating to good governance, corruption, fraud, misappropriation or other forms of malfeasance in Papua New Guinea’s health sector.